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Frequently Asked Questions
Hopefully this FAQ will provide a starting place for any questions you may have about our services.  Further information may be obtained as outlined below.
images/BulletA.gif (70 
bytes) Client Issues

    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   How much do your services cost ?
    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   How are they paid for ?

Fees for the various services provided by DLA Consulting may be seen in our "Standard Fee Schedule"   available for download.  We can provide custom quotations for many projects based on defined scope of work, i.e. number of hours or complete description of the client's needs.  Any applicable advance fees are paid prior to the start of work.   Balance of payments are due at the end of the projects (for project periods less than one month)  Progress payments are billed monthly for projects longer than one month.
    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   How are projects delivered to clients?

CADD and graphic image files are generally delivered to the client over the internet by secure FTP or by email.
Hard copy or large format drawings and presentations may be delivered by overnight mail or regular mail depending on the client's needs.

    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   Do you have a standard contract?

Yes. DLA Consulting does use a standard contract for each of the various services provided.  Copies of standard contract forms may be requested  by email
    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   How can I download files from the FTP?

The public directories of the FTP may be browsed by all by directing your browser to .  Files in these directories may be downloaded by simply clicking on the files contained  there. Clients are provided secure password protected directories   from which personal files may be downloaded.
    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   How can I send files to DLA Consulting?

Files may be sent to us by attaching to email and sending to .  If you have an FTP client, binary files may be sent to FTP://
images/BulletA.gif (70 
bytes) Production Issues
    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   How is work produced?
    images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   What programs do you use?

  Most work is produced in our studio in Mempihis, TN.   State of the art computers are used (generally Intel P2 and P3 computers in a Microsoft Windows NT TM  networked environment.  The Linux operating system is used for certain applications.  A variety of programs are used to produce the finished product some of which are listed on the tools page,
   images/BulletB.gif (65 bytes)   What is the turn around time
        for most rendering jobs?

Rendering projects can generally be turned around in about a week.  Simple elevation studies and presentation graphics may be produced in as little as three days.  Of course the more complex the job, the longer it takes.
If this page doesn't answer your questions plaese contact us by phone at 901-375-1588 or by FAX at 630-578-0252 or by email at  Other ways to contact us may be found on our Contact page.

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